brisket Ana

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5 lb first cut brisket

(cook one day, eat next day!)

mix in bowl:   large container of ketchup   2 pkgs lipton onion soup mix   3/4 cup coca cola   2 dash worcestershire sauce   mix well in dutch oven, with lid:   brisket   pour sauce over   cover tightly   both aluminum foil and cover -- tight cook 4 hours total:   325F for 2 hours   take out, turn over   another 2 hours   let cool, slice, put back in dutch oven   eat next day!



purchase 5 lb brisket (we used 2.5lb)

preheat over to 335 degrees

season brisket with kosher salt and pepeer

in a bowl, mix bottle of ketchup, 2 envelopes lipton onion soup mix, 2 dashes wesheshire saurce, 3/4 cup Coke.

put brisket in dutch oven

pour all of ketchup mixture over brisket

cover dutch over with foil AND lid

cook 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on how much meat) then turn over and cook another 1.5 to 2 hours. 3 to 4 hours total cooking time.

remove brisket from oven and let rest uncovered c. 15 min

slice and return to sauce for serving