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1 c flour 1 egg 1/2 cup mashed potatoes mix this, make dough filling: mashed potatoes butter velveeta other cheese (e.g. yellow cheddar) 12/2019: to make a few dozen medium-sized pierogies: 3 lbs potatoes 3/8 lb butter 1 lb cheese (half velveeta, half cheddar) 2 x dough recipe (dough tends to run out before filling) used electric mixer, hand-crank pasta maker, and dumpling press boiling works well; pressure-cooking was disastrous! original: to make ~80 pierogies, use 5 lb potatoes 3/4 lb butter 2 lb cheese 3 x dough recipe


filling should be cool when you make the pierogies. put 10 in boiling water, drain on a board, freeze on a board, then put in ziploc bags

  • note: beet horseradish sauce is refrigerated in dairy aisle, next to eggs, at McCaffrey's.
  • This pierogie sauerkraut filling recipe worked pretty well Dec 2021.
  • Don't make too large a batch of potato filling all at once. Set aside some mashed potato to make additional dough, as the dough tends to run out before the filling does.
  • Using much less butter in potato-cheese filling worked well Dec 2021.

source: Poppop Magda