The SNO Front End Data Acquisition Electronics

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The SNO DAQ Custom ASICs and Electronics Boards 
Designed, Built, Debugged and Commissioned by Penn 

With the help of various SNO collaboration institutions 

System Overview 

Photograph  Description  Schematics  Mod. List 
mb picmb+db picture The Front End Card  Schematics  Mod. List 
db-int picdb-disc pic The Custom ASICs and the Daughterboards  Schematics  (No mods.) 
pmtic picture The PMT Interface Card  Schematics  Mod. List 
xl1 picture The VME-SNOBus Translator Card (XL1)  Schematics  Mod. List 
xl2 picture The SNOBus-VME Translator Card (XL2)  Schematics  Mod. List 
The SNOBus Backplane  Schematics  Mod. List 
MTCD pictureSNO Timing Rack picture Master Trigger Card/Digital and the SNO Timing Rack  Schematics  Mod. List 
mtca picture Master Trigger Card/Analog  Schematics  (No mods.) 
SNO rack picture The SNO Rack and Beads 

Other Information

  • Paper for the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium,

    Toronto, 12 November, 1998
    "Performance of the Electronics for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory"
    (SNO-STR-98-022)  Available as:   (pdf)  or  (postscript) 
  • Jumpers and Mapping for Flat Address Scheme

  • (Click here for postscript)
  • Online Notebook (with Known Problems and Solutions)
  • Online Datasheets for Commercial Parts
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