John Alison


Public Presentations

Hww and the Discovery of the Higgs Boson.

Particle Physics and the Higgs for High School Kids.
(Quark Net at Penn. 1 July, 2012)

Particle Physics for Little Kids.
(3rd Grade at Greenfield Elementary. May, 2012)

"H->WW Search and WW Cross Section Measurement with ATLAS"
(Seminar at Berkeley (LBNL RPM). 12 January 2012)

H->WW in 5 minutes!
(USLUO lighting round)

Standard Model Measurements at ATLAS
(Moriond EW March 2011)

Atlas ID Alignment
(APS May 2009)

Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector as presented at the Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques Workshop (November 2008)

Atlas Presentations


Summary of W+jet Review ......... 15 June 2012

W+jet Cross Checks w/5/fb 2011 data ..... (W+jet Review) 14 June 2012

Overview of W+jet Method.... (W+jet Review) 14 June 2012

Electron Fake Factor Studies (Heavy-Flavor and Many Denoms)
(7 June 2012)

gamma+jet contaimination to fake factor calculation
(24 May 2012)

Heavy Flavor Fake Factors
(26 April 2012)

Electron Optimization Studies
(19 April 2012)

Review of W+jet background proceedure
(7 December 2011)

W+jet including Heavy Flavor
(9 September 2011)

Fake Factors to Egamma
(25 May 2011)

Electron Fake Factor (Supporting+Primary Trick)
(17 May 2011)

Electron Fake Rates & Data Driven Background Estimation
(Egamma August 2009)

First Talk On Electron Fakes
(August 2009)


Hww Triggers for 2012
(15 May 2012)

W+jet Summary Plan for 2012
(20 April 2012)

Data Driven Wgamma
(Hww Workshop March 2012)

Trigger Summary
(Hww Workshop March 2012)

Sub-Threshold Jets and Drell Yan Background
(29 Feburary 2012)

Hww Triggers For 2012
(21 Feburary 2012)

W+jet in Low Et Hww
(2 December 2011)

Isolation Optimization for Hww
(7 November 2011)

Hww Approval Talk for 2/fb PRL
(20 September 2011)

Electron Fake Factors and W+jet Background (First Talk in Hww)
(17 May 2011)


Supporting Triggers for Egamma
(4 April 2012)

Toward an electron likelihood PID
(11 January 2012)

Toward Multivarite Electron ID
(Egamma Workshop October 2011)

The plus-plus Menu (Lesters Talk)
(25 May 2011)

Medium++ Status, Plans, Options
(27 April 2011)

The ++ Menu
(13 April 2011)

Background Templates for W Tag and Probe
(15 Feburary 2011)

Electron Re-optimization for Trigger
(26 January 2011)

Electron Re-optimization for Trigger
(19 January 2011)

Electron Re-optimization for Trigger
(12 January 2011)

Electron Re-optimization for Trigger (First Talk with Lester)
(14 December 2010)

Track-Cluster Matching in Tight
(24 November 2010)

Electron ID Mismodeling
(Egamma workshop November 2010)

Electron Systematics for first W paper
(23 August 2010)

Electron Status for 1st W paper
(8 August 2010)

Towards Robuster IsEM
(4 August 2010)


Di-lepton Triggers for WW
(10 August 2011)

Summary of Muon Denom-Jet overlap removal (SM Plenary)
(19 July 2011)

Muon Denominator and Jet counting sublety
(15 July 2011)

W+jet Background for 1/fb WW x-section
(14 July 2011)

W+jet Background Summary (First Talk with Doug)
(8 July 2011)

Low Et Electron Mis-modeling
(8 June 2011)

Supporting Trigger Needs for W+jets in WW
(26 April 2011)

Lower Pt / Looser ID for WW
(8 April 2011)

WW x-sec Status Report SM-Plenary (32/pb)
(9 December 2010)

Backgrounds and Systematics for WW
(15 November 2010)

Isolation Optimization for WW
(18 October 2010)

Fake factors and W+jet background (1st talk in WW meeting)
(27 September 2010)


TRT Alignment Status and Plans for 2011.
(ID Week Feburary 2011)

TRT Endcap Z-alignment (Kurt's and Martina's talks)
(13 January 2011)

TRT L3 Barrel Alignment
(23 September 2010)

TRT L3 Endcap Alignment
(16 August 2010)

TRT L3 Endcap Alignment
(13 August 2010)

TRT Alignment Status
(ID Week June 2010)

TRT Alignment (Past, Present, and Future)
(ID Week Feb 2010)

TRT Studies with 1st collisions
(28 January 2010)

TRT Only Tracking with 1st collisions
(14 January 2010)

TRT Alignment Status
(ID Week October 2009)

First Look at L2 endcap misalignemtns
(15 October 2009)

Testing L2 Alignment Scheme
(1 October 2009)

TRT Alignment Status
(ID Week June 2009)

TRT Alignment Status
(March 2009)

TRT Alignment with Cosmics
(ID Week February 2009)

Phi Structure
(January 2009)

TRT Alignment Status
(ID Week November 2008)

Understanding L1 TRT Alignment
(ID Alignment meeting 30 Oct 08)

TRT Alignment in 1st Combined Cosmic run
(October 2008)

A first look at TRT L1 alignment.
(ID Alignment meeting 9 Oct 08)

Summary of the ID Offline Commisioning exercise in FDR2c
(ID Commissioning meeting.)

A look at alignment with TRT Only tracks using a beam spot constraint.

Status of TRT Alignment.
(DOE review '08)

TRT Endcap Alignment in M6
(July 2008)

TRT Alignment
(ID Week July 2008)

Inner Detector Alignment Monitoring
(ID Week July 2008)

An Alignment Intro.

Cosmic Alignment in M6
(March 2008)

Summary of the TRT+SCT alignment effort in the M6 cosmic running.
(ID Commissioning meeting 3 March 2008 )

TRT Alignment
(ID Week February 2008)

Inner Detector Alignment Monitoring
(ID Week February 2008)

Clocking Study Summary
(TRT software meeting 21 January 2008)

1st TRT Alignment Talk
(October 2007)


Some ideas about conversions.
(Penn weekly 11 Aug 08)

Conversions in Taus.
(Egamma Meeting August 2008)

Work with backtracking
(July 2007)

Electron Veto Study with taus
(June 2007)

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