FPCP Talks

Last updated 12 August 2002.

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Thursday Morning May 16th

Present status of CKM parameters
PS PDF PPT A. Hoecker An experimentalist's review of the CKM parameters
PDF S. Rahatlou $\sin 2\beta$ from BABAR
PDF PPT M. Hazumi $\sin 2\phi_1$ from BELLE
Indirect CP violation
PDF T. Mannel Theory: New physics in $B \rightarrow J/\Psi K^*$

Thursday Afternoon May 16th

PDF E. Won $\sin2 \phi_2$ from BELLE
PDF PPT P. Dauncey $\sin 2\alpha$ from BABAR
PDF M. Ciuchini Charming penguins
PDF I. Stewart Soft-collinear effective theory
Experimental Results from the Tevatron and LEP
PDF PPT R. Hughes Status of CDF
PS PDF R. Van Kooten Status of D0
PDF S. Armstrong New results on $B_s$ mixing from LEP

Friday Morning May 17th

PS PDF A. Kusenko Cosmology
Branching Ratios and Direct CP Violation
PDF A. Bondar Review of BR and DCPV results for Quasi 2-body
PS PDF R. Bartoldus Review of rare two-body B decays (e.g., $K \pi$)
Theory: New ideas about CP in B decays and CKM determination
PS PDF D. Atwood New methods for getting at $\alpha$ and $\gamma$
PS PDF D. London New method for measuring $\alpha$ using $B \rightarrow K^* \bar{K}^*$
Recent Hot Results from B Factories
PDF PPT V. Shelkov BABAR New results on rare charmless decays: $B \to \eta^{\prime} (K,K^*)$ and $B \to h^+h^-h^+$
PDF V. Halyo BABAR New results on rare leptonic B decays
PS PDF A. Garmash BELLE $B \to Khh$
PDF K.F. Chen BELLE $B \to \omega K$ $B \to \eta^{\prime} K$

Friday Afternoon May 17th

PS PDF G. Burdman Review of charm physics
PS P. Pakhlov Charm Lifetimes and $D^0 \bar{D^0}$ Mixing
PS PDF I. Bediaga Spectroscopy from Heavy Flavor Decay
PS PDF J. Yelton Charm Baryons
PDF PPT W. Johns New Results on Rare Charm Decays
Future Experiments in Heavy Flavor Physics
PDF PPT I. Shipsey CLEO-c
PDF PPT G. Carboni LHCb
PDF J.C. Wang BTeV
PPT D. Hitlin Super B Factory

Saturday Morning May 18th

Neutrino and Kaon Physics
PDF B. Kayser CP violation in the neutrino sector
PDF D. Bryman Kaon Physics
Theoretical Developments in $V_{cb}$ and $V_{ub}$
PS PDF A. Kronfeld ${\cal F}(1)$ from lattice QCD
PDF PPT M. Luke Theory for $V_{ub}$ determination
B Decays
PDF PPT Y. Kolomensky Open Charm decays ($B \rightarrow D \bar{D}, D^* D$ etc.) mini summary
PDF F. Fang $B \to$ Charmonium mini summary
PS PDF K. Ecklund $V_{ub}$, $V_{cb}$ from semileptonic decays mini summary

Saturday Afternoon May 18th

Radiative B Decays
PS PPT E. Thorndike $b \rightarrow s \gamma$ and $b \rightarrow d \gamma$ mini review
PDF PPT K. Senyo $B \rightarrow K l^+l^-$ from BELLE
PDF PPT J. Walsh $B \rightarrow K l^+l^-$ from BABAR
PDF D. Pirjol Theory: New Physics with $b \to s \gamma$ decays
Charm Physics II
PDF M. Selen Review of CP in D Decays
PDF PPT J. Wiss Semileptonic Charm Decays
PDF PPT A. Petrov Theory: $D^0$-$\bar{D^0}$ mixing
Conference Summary and Adieu
PDF R. Patterson Conference Summary

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